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More Accurately: Things I May Or May Not Have Been Asked

Who are you?
     I am Batman. My name is Jenni Bravo, I reside in Houston, Texas, and pretty much anything else you could want to know about me (as well as a ton of stuff you couldn't care less about) can be found on my Livejournal.

What does "Makenzie's Locker" mean?
      Hell if I know. At one point I think it meant something relevant to the plot or the website or something, but I no longer know. Or really care.

Are the characters based on real people/is Makenzie you?
      Yes and no. Mak, Jared, and Karen were originally based on actual human beings. Both the aforementioned human beings and the characters have changed since then, and they're now quite a bit different. Matt, Julian, and Christina are combinations of various people I've known with a sprinkling of random traits thrown in where necessary. While she thinks and sometimes acts very much like I did at her age, I do not, in fact, look like Makenzie. To be quite honest, I probably look more like Jared than like Mak...

Will you link to me?
     If I like your comic, sure. I'll put it on the links page. If not, um, no. Sorry.